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Study Center 1.3 (Under Review)

With a new UI


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Study Center (Live in Mac App Store)

Study Center aims to be a note taking and note management app for students. Although aimed at students, Study Center is also a perfect tool for Journalists, Writers, Researchers, etc. who have different note taking needs and need a note organizer with advanced features. The main features that makes Study Center a very handy tool includes:


* Fast Notes
Just add a new note, or choose a template and start typing. Need another note? OK. Add another, previous one automatically saved. Study Center has been built keeping in mind your valuable time. The tools are right there in front of you, so that you can make the fullest use of them.

* Write Beautiful Equations
Using the power of LaTeX create notes that can show equations as they should look like.
Beautiful, elegant and complex.Just type in the LaTeX code and you’re presented with a beautiful equation.

* PDF Export
Just one click, and your PDF document is ready. With fast notes, beautiful equations, we figured a PDF should be next. Click on the “Export to PDF” button on the top and see what this document transforms into. Mail it, Share it, or do whatever. Its all yours. Mac OS X is tighlty integrated PDF with its interface. Use that power to your advantage.

* Perfect for Notes Management with Advanced Search Features
With Study Center you can browse earlier notes, by just clicking on a date, or search them in a snap. All your notes are kept intact and organized. You can browse through them by date or filter them out with tags.

* Custom Templates
Your math class notes, aren’t necessarily your chemistry class notes.
Besides using the in-built templates, you can create your own.
Use them for fast layouts, so that you can set your note the way you want before you start writing.

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